Here’s The Unexpected Moment BTS’s V Realized He Was Famous

It was a defining moment for him.

In a recent video with Vanity Fair, the BTS members tested their knowledge of each other by answering questions about their hobbies, personalities, fears, and more.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

One of the tasks the members had to guess was the moment when V realized he was famous.

Jungkook threw out guesses like the start of BTS’s stadium tour. However, RM knew that V’s answer would be more lowkey like his personality!

He was right — V revealed that his answer was only two syllables…

…so the members had to get clever to think of his answer.

The members unleashed a variety of two-syllable life events and ideas that V might have said, including “Bangtan (BTS),” “debut,” “ARMY,” “first place,” and “grand prize.”

Despite all of those good guesses, Suga was the one who eventually guessed correctly.


— Suga

The moment he was recognized while shopping and given a discount is when V knew he had made it big.

However, BTS always takes the humble route!

When they offer me a discount, I tell them I don’t need it.

— Jin

Check out the video below!