“Young Forever” Means Just As Much To BTS’s Jimin As It Does To ARMYs

Here’s how he proves his love for the sentimental track.

BTS‘s “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” trilogy became a defining moment in the group’s career, from receiving their first-ever music show win with “I Need U” to embarking on world tours and experiencing the very beginnings of their global success. The song “Young Forever” captures the pivotal point in time and the emotions that come along with it, making it a fan favorite.

However, Jimin himself might be the biggest fan of all!

Jimin has made his love for the song evident ever since its release. From wearing clothes featuring the song’s lyrics…

…to having the title tattooed on the back of his arms, it’s clear that the song holds an important meaning for him!

| In The Soop/JTBC

In addition, he’s constantly naming the song whenever he can, whether it’s a recommendation in a playlist or a song he hopes to perform.

Not only did he explain the impact it has on him to the BTS members where he recalled a tearful experience watching ARMYs sing along…


…he also took the time to tell the story to fans through a live broadcast.

Most recently, he updated Weverse late at night to let fans know he was once again returning the sentimental song.

I’m listening to ‘Young Forever.’

— Jimin

| Weverse

Fans were immediately on the same page as him, imagining the day BTS and ARMYs will reunite and recreate the iconic memory of fans singing along.

  • ARMY: “ㅠㅠ… singing together ㅠㅠ”
  • JM: “Right, I’m listening thinking about that!! ㅜ”
| Weverse

Hopefully, the legendary song will be able to be performed live for ARMYs again soon!

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