BTS Reveals What They’ve Been Dreaming About Lately, And Their Answers Might Surprise You

Who dreams of going to war?

ARMYs are always dreaming about BTS, but do they dream about fans, too? They gave ARMYs the scoop about their dreams during a recent fan meeting.

With 200 lucky ARMYs, the members told stories, answered questions from fans, and more. One question they answered was whether or not they dream about fans and what kind of dreams they’ve been having lately.

Suga and Jimin revealed they have been dreaming about having concerts with ARMYs. The longer they go without having a concert, the more they miss the feeling of seeing fans in person!

Jimin revealed he’s had the dream so many times, he hates seeing the ceiling when he wakes up and realizes it was all a dream! ARMYs can definitely relate to the feeling of missing BTS’s concerts.

Jin also dreamt about ARMYs, but in a unique way! He revealed he had a dream where he was playing with ARMYs at an amusement park.

The dream that J-Hope revealed he kept experiencing is much more serious. He shared that he’s dreamt of being a general and going to war!

Meanwhile, Jungkook spends his dreams studying. Specifically, he’s studying songwriting!

They also answered more of ARMYs’ burning questions, from upcoming music to mixtapes. Check out more info below!

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