Jimmy Fallon Continues To Prove He Is A True ARMY By Promoting BTS, Even In His Every Day Life

We can’t get enough of their friendship!

Since debuting, BTS has gained millions of fans worldwide who share their love and respect for the group daily. In particular, after the group has taken the world by storm, they have amassed a huge number of celebrity fans.

Amongst all these A-List ARMYs, one person has always been loved by fans, and that is Jimmy Fallon! Over the years, the group has appeared on his show several times. The interactions are always too much to handle.

BTS and Jimmy Fallon | @FallonTonight/ Twitter

Recently, fans have also noticed that even when the group isn’t on the show, Jimmy finds any way to hype the boys up and promote them whenever he can. Even on the latest episode, he spoke to Liza Koshy about the group winning the Artist of the Year award at the American Music Awards, and he couldn’t stop singing their praises.

| The Tonight Show/ YouTube 

Well, he’s done it again, and ARMYs literally can’t get enough of it! On November 23 (EST), Jimmy posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “New profile pic alert!” Dressed ready for the cold weather, the comments couldn’t get enough of Jimmy’s new photo.

| @jimmyfallon/ Instagram

As soon as the image was posted, ARMYs noticed something else, which wasn’t the background or Jimmy’s clothes: it was his mask! On closer inspection, fans noticed that it was actually a BT21 mask with the character Shooky on it.

| @jimmyfallon/ Instagram

Shooky is Suga’s BT21 character, and it is one of the cutest things in the world. The character is based on Suga’s drawing of Shooky being a cookie with a badass attitude. He’s best friends with Cooky, who is Jungkook’s character, and hates milk.

Shooky character | @BT21_official/ Instagram  

The mask was created by the Korean American beauty brand The Créme Shop who teamed with BT21 for exclusive products! One of those was a range of disposable masks that come in a pack, which means that Jimmy will have two of each character.

The BT21 masks | @TheCremeShop/ Twitter

The brand even shared their excitement after seeing Jimmy Fallon wearing their mask, and there is no denying how good he looks in it!

Not only was Jimmy Fallon showcasing that his love for BTS goes beyond the camera and his show, but it was promoting wearing masks which have become very important during the pandemic. As expected, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement in the comments and on social media about this new profile picture.

However, ARMYs shouldn’t be surprised as it isn’t the first time Jimmy Fallon has gone out of his way to promote BTS. Earlier in the month, Jimmy was joined by Marvel actor Simu Liu, the lead in Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings.

As expected, the duo had some fun, and they played a game of “Beat Saber.” The aim was to hit certain obstacles through VR with a lightsaber, and they would do it to a song of their choice. Out of all the songs Jimmy could pick, he chose BTS’s “Dynamite,” proving that he is always trying to promote the group, even if they aren’t on the show.

| The Tonight Show/ YouTube 

Even though some celebrities might share their love for BTS for publicity, there is no denying that Jimmy Fallon is a true ARMY. Fans can’t wait for the two groups to meet again!

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Jimmy Fallon Proves He Is A True ARMY After Finding The Perfect Way To Promote BTS On His Show

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