Jin Opens Up About Acting, And Why He’s Happy He Chose BTS Instead

He talked with Suga about their past, present, and future with BTS.

Before Jin joined BTS, he dreamed of being an actor. One choice changed his life forever, in the best ways.

In the final episode of In the SOOP, Jin and Suga had a quiet heart-to-heart at BTS’s lake house. They talked about their past life choices, the future, and the people they hope to become.

What would Jin and Suga be doing today if they hadn’t pursued music? Jin believes Suga would have been successful regardless, and Suga can still picture Jin as an actor.

“Maybe not,” Jin replied. “My life changed after I met you guys. I used to just live my life by going with the flow. That’s why who you surround yourself with is so important.” 

Seeing his members work hard inspired Jin to work hard too.

You’re always all so hardworking. I watch and learn from you guys to work harder.

— Jin

Jin believes he might have been a different person if he had gone solo as an actor instead of becoming part of BTS.

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But if I became an actor, I may not have been responsible because I’d be alone. I might not even have worked hard.

— Jin

When Suga said that he doesn’t always work hard, Jin pointed out that whenever one BTS member takes a break, there’s always another one working. The way they grow together is healthy, and they inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves.

“Being around you guys taught me that who I surround myself with is so important,” Jin said.

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