BTS Jin’s Favorite Lyric From “The Astronaut” Is A Tear-Jerker — Here’s What It Actually Reveals About His Past

This is the true meaning.

BTS‘s Jin recently did an interview with Wootteo on his new song, “The Astronaut.” During Wootteoview: Wootteo’s observation log of Jin ‘The Astronaut,’ Jin discussed everything from his favorite sexy concept to the most hilarious behind-the-scenes story.

One of the most sentimental topics he discussed is his favorite and most meaningful lyric he wrote for the song.

It’s the first lyric I wrote in the first verse ‘Like that asteroid drifting by without a destination, I, too, was just drifting along.’

— Jin

He revealed this part was true for himself because, prior to debuting, he didn’t have a goal he wanted to achieve in life and felt like he was “just living aimlessly.”

However, even after debut, he still felt the same way until one specific thing changed everything.

To be honest, I was still like that when we debuted. But when I met our fans, they had things they wanted to see from me and I gradually found something to pursue.

— Jin

In this way, meeting ARMY changed his life and made him want to work harder to be who they want him to be.

Through his lyrics, he expressed the feeling of “drifting alone in space” without meaning or direction…

…and even the feeling of finding purpose after meeting his fans.

It’s true that I’ve changed after meeting ARMY so this song is basically about my life.

— Jin

Jin’s love for ARMY truly changed his life for the better!

Check out what else he revealed below.

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