BTS’s Jin Got His Cheeks Squished By A Child Actor…But Things Didn’t Go As He Expected

After knowing this backstory, you can’t watch it the same. 🤣

BTS‘s Jin discussed the meaning behind some of the sentimental scenes in the music video for “The Astronaut.”

BTS’s Jin and a child actor | Weverse

In one particular scene, things didn’t actually go as he planned!

In the scene of the child actor pinching his cheeks, he imagined her gently pulling his cheeks to the side.

However, the little girl squished Jin’s cheeks a lot more than he expected.

But the kid is young so we just told her play with my face and she really went for it!

— Jin

He wasn’t expecting this much cheek tugging! Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt Jin and the whole scene created an adorable exchange.

However, his cheeks ended up a little bit red after that!

The result of the scene ended up being a fan favorite for obvious reasons.

Jin shared the true meaning behind it. It isn’t just a cute scene — It represents how ARMY accepted him when nobody else did.

[In this scene] I’m not smiling but she plays jokes on me. She took interest in me when nobody else did and she considered my as her friend. This is the scene we were going for.

— Jin

The whole scene was a unique experience for him…

…and even left him cracking up!

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