ARMYs Realize BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” Was Teased Long Ago

Did you notice this?

BTS‘s Jin recently made the announcement of his upcoming solo project during the group’s “Yet to Come” in Busan concert.

Now, BIGHIT MUSIC released a statement via Weverse, revealing the release date as October 28, 2022, with a message for ARMY. Jin is to release his first official solo single, “The Astronaut.”


BTS member Jin’s first official solo single, ‘The Astronaut,’ will be released on October 28, 2022.

Since it’s a song made with so much love toward the fans, we hope ‘The Astronaut’ can be a gift to all of you.

We also prepared various promotions for the fans throughout the preparation process of this single. Please show a lot of anticipation and support for this promotion, where you can meet various sides of Jin.

Pre-order date: From 11 AM, Wednesday, October 19, 2022 (KST)
Release date: From 1 PM, Friday, October 28, 2022 (KST)

Thank you


Additionally, a logo trailer featuring a lone astronaut traveling through space and a comeback schedule have been released.

Yet, ARMYs noticed a detail in the trailer that reminded them of something…

Of course, the entire concept is consistent with Jin’s previous solos, such as “Moon,” as he has communicated that he is the moon and ARMY is his Earth.

But ARMY recognized the logo trailer is very similar to a previous BTS video. Following the release of YouTube Original‘s RELEASED, featuring Coldplay‘s Chris Martin, a “‘Permission to Dance’ (Shorts Challenge ver.) MV” came out. In the video, there was an astronaut who even danced to “Permission to Dance.”

It has been a year since this video was released, but ARMYs can’t deny the similarities between the two videos, particularly the two astronauts.

ARMYs are now convinced that the little astronaut in space is the same and was meant to be a hint for what was to come.

Interestingly, Chris Martin has reportedly gifted a song to Jin for his solo comeback.

BTS Jin’s Solo Comeback Will Reportedly Be A Song Gifted By Coldplay

There were several details ARMYs noticed in the logo trailer beyond that, including Jin’s dog and representations for him, ARMY, and BTS.

Read more about Jin’s comeback below.

BTS’s Jin Announces Solo Single “The Astronaut” — Here’s The Full Release Schedule


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