BTS’s Jin Is Aware Of How Much Fans Love Him, And He Has One Thing To Say About It

Plus what fans think about.

As fans may know BTS‘s Jin recently became an employee for Nexon‘s MapleStory. He impressed with his eloquent presentation to his superiors where he pitched new ideas for the game and his thoughtful view on 9-to-5 workers.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

But his reflection didn’t stop there! In a newly uploaded video, Jin was asked by one of his superiors to name his goal as a K-Pop idol and as an employee.

What’s your goal as BTS’s Jin and Mapler Kim Seokjin?

— Jin’s boss in MapleStory

Rather than answer the question by giving two separate goals, Jin explained that his goals for both are the same. He simply wants to be happy and to make other people who love him just as happy.

I think the goal as BTS’s Jin and the goal of planning team Kim Seokjin are the same. Let me be happy. And as much as I’m happy, let’s make the people who gave me love happy. I can say I have the same goal.

— Jin

He admitted to knowing that he is “loved a lot” as a BTS member, and he didn’t shy away from recognizing that it’s because he receives so much support that he is as happy as he is now.

In simple and humble manner, he ended by saying that he wants to share his joy with other people.

As a BTS member, I’m loved a lot. That’s why I can say that I’m happy. I want to share this happiness with others as BTS’s Jin.

— Jin

Fans responded by agreeing that he is immensely cared for and wanting him to “never forget it.” He brings so much joy to fans from all over the world that he deserves every bit of love he is receiving and more!

Fans’ thoughts on Jin’s words

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