Here’s The Adorable Truth Behind BTS Jin’s Hand Bandages At “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — LAS VEGAS”

Unexpected but cute.

BTS‘s Jin rocked up to the 2022 GRAMMYs with his hand wrapped in a bandage recently. The bandage is a result of his healing hand after a finger surgery.

His bandaged hand immediately caused concern amongst fans. While ARMY was initially worried, they later began to appreciate Jin’s dedication to coordinating his bandage with his outfit. He sported a black one during the group’s performance of “BUTTER” at the GRAMMYs.

For the first day of BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — LAS VEGAS”, Jin wore the cutest smiley face bandages.

It later evolved to include other adorable patterns.

Curious fans ran a quick search on the bandages and found out that they were actually not meant for humans. These bandages were meant for dogs!

Search result for “puppy bandage” in Korean. | theqoo

These bandages are used to create disposable shoes or socks for puppies. They are anti-slip and keep their feet clean. Most of all, they’re adorable! You can get a roll for as cheap as ₩270 KRW (about $0.22 USD).

Fans are loving the adorable truth behind his bandages!

Bandage decoration…bandages… I wonder where it will end. #let’sgoforit


Seokjin’s bandage decoration… the fact that they’re puppy bandages (disposable shoes)

— @seokjji_samjji

This may be one of the cheapest sonminsoo items you can get for BTS! We love Jin’s idea of decorating his bandages to match the situation. In the meantime, BTS will be holding the Las Vegas leg of their tour on April 8, 9, 15 and 16, 2022, at Allegiant Stadium.

Source: theqoo