BTS’s Jin Has The Best Response To Fans Thirsting Over His Shirtless Photo

Jin reminded fans of where they should really be looking. 😂

BTS had fans shook when they revealed they each got a matching friendship tattoo in June. When Jin revealed the location of his tattoo, it drove fans even more wild with its placement.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Jin revealed the location of his tattoo in June with a shirtless photo of him on the beach, which even caught the attention of his fellow hyung-line, members J-Hope, Suga, and RM.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Recently, the tattoo, and its location, earned attention again when the tattoo artist who gave the BTS members their cherished tattoos posted another shirtless pic of BTS’s oldest member.

| @polyc_sj/Instagram

On the heels of the additional shirtless photo being released, Jin inadvertently showed even more skin in his new YouTube video.

Jin released two episodes of his YouTube show, The Drunken Truth, where he made traditional Korean rice wine, makgeolli, with his friend, celebrity chef Baek Jong Won, and veteran alcohol artisan Park Rok Dam.

The video showed the intricate process of creating traditional Korean rice wine, as Korean families have done for generations. Jin was thoroughly involved in the process and was completely attentive and hands-on while maintaining his lovable entertaining charm.


After steaming, soaking, and mixing cooked rice with yeast, Jin and Park Rok Dam carefully scooped the rice back into a clay pot and covered it with cloth and a lid to allow the rice to ferment.

The rice was later brought to Jin’s home and placed in his bathtub. For his at-home instructions, he was told to monitor the temperature of the rice during its fermentation process.

Over the course of several days, Jin checked on the temperature, continuing to keep the rice in his bathtub.

On one occasion, the BTS member wore a matching pajama set with shorts, unexpectedly showing off his toned legs.

Fans couldn’t get over the show of skin, and it caught the attention of none other than Jin himself when a fan posted the photos on Weverse. The poster left a simple caption expressing their reaction to the pictures of Jin, summing it up with, “I’m dead.

Jin saw the post and had the most iconic response to his unintentional show of skin, reminding fans where they should really be looking.

Look at my face, not these..

— Jin

Jin quickly reminded fans that his handsome looks should be what captured their attention.

Check out another iconic response from “Worldwide Handsome” below!

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