BTS’s Jin Celebrated His 26th Birthday With This Heartwarming Donation

His kindness knows no bounds.

BTS‘s Jin has kicked off his 26th birthday with a good deed that is inspiring ARMYs to follow his example.


On December 4, the Korean Animal Welfare Association announced that Jin had made a generous birthday donation to animals in need.

“BTS Jin sent dog food to animal buddies at the animal welfare center. To celebrate his birthday, he bought them at his own expense for our buddies. We will make a good use of the donated goods for them.”


According to their tweet, Jin bought the donated items with his own money to help his animal buddies.


The Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) also tweeted about Jin’s charitable act.

“#HappyJinday! Today lots of food presents arrived at the KARA center. #BTS Jin sent 322kg of pet food for shelter dogs celebrating his birthday. We will feed them well. Happy birthday. We will post the behind story later 🙂 @BTS_twt #방탄소년단”


They said that Jin sent a whopping 322 kg of pet food to KARA that will feed many animals in their care.


ARMYs are now encouraging others to follow Jin’s example by making charitable donations of their own.


This year, Jin also celebrated his birthday with a special live broadcast and a handwritten letter to ARMY.

BTS’s Jin Handwrites Special Letter To Fans For His Birthday