BTS Is Celebrating “Jin Day” With Punny Birthday Messages

They gave him the gift of wordplay.

Jin‘s birthday has arrived, and BTS is celebrating it Jin-style!


Wordplay and dad jokes have become synonymous with Jin, so puns are the perfect way to wish him “Happy Birthday”. In addition to throwing Jin a birthday party, some members have left Jin punny messages on Twitter.


J-Hope posted the first punny tweet just 14 minutes after Jin turned another year older. “Angular, Strong Jin,” he wrote, with the hashtags, “#JinHyungBirthdayCongrats #OurHyungHappyBday #HopeFilms”. “Angular” can be translated as “AngleJin” because it uses the same Hangul as Jin’s name, 각 (angle) + 진 (Jin).


J-Hope posted a second tweet that says, “On the phone Jin’s handsome….” with the hashtags, “#HopeFilms #AnotherBirthdayCongrats #OurHyung #Jjin.”  Once again, J-Hope slipped 진 (Jin) into his message.


RM tweeted his own pun that plays on the word “MAMA” (마마). “MAMA” refers to the music show being held on Jin’s birthday, but “MAMA” is also a Korean form of address meaning “Your Majesty”. The hashtags are, “#JinHyungBirthdayCongrats #Namjoonie #HyungsBirthdayisAlwaysMAMA #SeokjinMAMA #Congratuations”. RM wrote the last one, #Congratulations, using very formal language, fit for His Majesty, Jin.


Suga’s tweet, on the other hand, is exactly like him: straight forward, sweet, funny, and pun-free. “Ah, our hyungnim,” he wrote. “I wish you happy birthday #JinHyungBirthdayCongrats #ItsSUGA #LeeetsGoFishing #WhyIsItYourBirthdayAlwaysOnMAMA #AQuestion #SleepingForMAMA” 


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