BTS Jin’s Brother Responds To Speculations Of Attaining Bruno Mars’ Concert Tickets Through Special Treatment

He released a detailed statement explaining the situation.

Bruno Mars’ much-awaited Korean concert has now found itself amidst some controversy, as netizens started suspecting that the organizers of the event gave preferential treatment to the celebrities who attended.

Mars played at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium for two nights in a row, on June 17 and 18, with nearly a hundred Korean A-listers in the audience. But when the public noticed that most of these celebrities had front-row seats despite the intense competition to secure tickets, speculations arose that they were given special invites from Hyundai Card, the organizer. The controversy only grew from there, forcing artists like GOT7’s Youngjae and Song Hye Kyo to clarify that they purchased the tickets with their own money. Hyundai Card also put out statements denying the claim, which the netizens are skeptical about.

BTS member Jin’s brother, Kim Seok Joong, also attended the concert, and despite being a non-celebrity, he was suspected of having received special treatment through family connections. On June 19, KST, he shared a detailed explanation, refuting the claims to prevent further damage.

Kim shared a picture of his ticket showing it was transferrable | Nate News

In the message, he apologized for unintentionally sprouting controversy surrounding a concert that was supposed to be enjoyable for all attendees. He also clarified that he acquired the tickets through an acquaintance who transferred them to him since they wouldn’t be able to attend the event.


This is Kim Seok Joong.

I apologize for causing controversy regarding the concert which was supposed to be enjoyable for everyone. After understanding the situation, I want to reveal my position to prevent any further secondary damage.

First, the ticket that many people have been curious about was not an invitation ticket reserved through a specific company or organization. I received a transferable invitation issued by Hyundai Card from an acquaintance who couldn’t attend the concert. The claim that I obtained the ticket through an illegal purchase or with a special method is not true at all.

As stated on the invitation ticket, it was available for use by the membership holder or the individual who received the ticket through a transfer. However, I failed to anticipate the issues that could arise from this, and I sincerely apologize to those who have experienced secondary harm because of me.

—Kim Seok Joong

After this statement was released to the media, many netizens and BTS fans defended Kim alike, saying that going after family members of celebrities was not the wisest.

  • “Going to this extent…You red-eyed hyenas looking to bring people down, LOL…You guys think you’re the only ones great.”
  • “Treating family members like that is really the worst.”
  • “That acquaintance must have spent that much money with Hyundai Card and received the benefits…A transferable ticket got transferred, and it became a controversy.”
  • “You guys need to reel it down a little. Ugh, it’s getting tiring.”
  • “Y’all are doing everything and anything…”
  • “An acquaintance who uses a black card with an annual fee transferred the ticket to him, so there really is no issue…”
Source: Nate News