BTS’s Jin Debuts His Newly Shaved Head As He Prepares For Enlistment

ARMYs wish him well as they react to the new look 💜

BTS held their free Yet To Come In Busan concert on October 15, performing to over 55,000 fans at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium while nearly 50 million ARMYs tuned in from home.

After the concert, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that the group would be proudly moving forward with their military enlistment plans over the next few years, with Jin becoming the first member to enlist.


Shortly after the announcement, it was confirmed that BTS’s Jin had formally withdrawn his request to delay his military service and would be enlisting as soon as he received his notice.

His enlistment date was confirmed at the end of last month to be December 13, with reports stating that he would be completing five weeks of boot camp before being deployed to the front lines.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Jin filled the final months leading up to his enlistment with many precious moments, leaving ARMYs with the gift of his solo release “The Astronaut” after debuting the song at Coldplay‘s concert in Argentina.

Jin performing “The Astronaut” live for the first time in Argentina

He also appeared on multiple variety shows, from Lee Young Ji‘s popular YouTube show My Alcohol Diary to Park Myung Soo‘s Halmyungsoo to his own show, The Drunken Truth, where he made traditional Korean rice wine, makgeolli, with his friend, celebrity chef Baek Jong Won, and veteran alcohol artisan Park Rok Dam.

Chef Baek Jong Won (left) and BTS’s Jin (right) | @jin/Instagram

Jin thoughtfully curated content releases to leave ARMYs with many happy and heartwarming memories before his enlistment.

As December 13 quickly approaches, ARMYs have been wondering when Jin will debut his shaved head for his upcoming enlistment after being seen with long hair as recently as yesterday at T-ARA Jiyeon‘s wedding.

(From right to left) Hwang Jae Gyun, T-ARA’s Jiyeon, and BTS’s Jin | @jingone222/Twitter

The question has been answered, as Jin took to Weverse in the late hours of December 11 to update fans with a selfie of his newly shaved head.

Jin posted the picture of his new look with a caption that showed his beloved confidence and charm while complimenting his new hair, “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s cuter than I thought.

| Weverse

Fans couldn’t get over the new look, sharing emotional posts as the adorable new hairstyle is also a sign that he will be enlisting soon.

Ahead of his enlistment, Korean military authorities are strengthening their security measures to ensure the safety of Jin during his arrival at his training center.

Check out the ways they’re increasing security in the article below:

Military Authority To Amp Up Security During BTS Jin’s Enlistment To Maintain Order


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