BTS Jin’s Fans Made The News For Being Extra AF

A news crew captured the “Jin cult” on camera.

If a K-Pop fandom is a reflection of its group, it’s no wonder why Jin stans are extra AF!


Like Jin, many of his stans are eccentric people who share his sense of humor…


…and his flare for the dramatic.


They definitely aren’t shy about showing their leJINdary love, especially at a concert!


On October 26, 27, and 29, BTS held their final Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concerts in Seoul. The show was full of emotional and memorable moments, like J-Hope‘s heroics, Jimin and Jungkook‘s back hug, and V‘s fallen angel aesthetic, but some memories were made outside of the stadium.


A group of Jin fans, affectionally called “Seokjinnies” or the “Jin cult” by their fellow ARMYs, gathered outside of Seoul Olympic Stadium with Jin posters, banners…


…and a whole lot of enthusiasm!


Jin’s fans were so dedicated and so extra that they even appeared on the news!


This is the kind of news ARMYs love to see, and many are hoping that Jin will see it too!


The “Jin cult” weren’t the only fans who drew attention outside of the stadium. TXT also stopped by to say hello!

Fans Ran Into TXT Outside Of BTS’s Seoul Concert Venue