More Than Handsome: BTS Interviewer Sakshma Srivastav Praises Jin’s Talent

Fans want the world to know who Worldwide Handsome truly is.

Behold the man, the myth, the legend. BTS‘s Jin is the one and only Worldwide Handsome, and his talents are endless!


In a recent interview, E NOW‘s Sakshma Srivastav asked Jin if he ever feels like his dashing good looks overshadow his talent. In true leJindary fashion, Jin said that he sees his visuals as a bonus rather than as something that detracts from his skills.

I don’t think my looks overshadow my singing. Looking good; it’s actually a plus factor, not a minus.

— Jin

In a new commentary video, Sakshma explained why she asked Jin this particular question. Having interviewed many beautiful Bollywood actresses, she has seen how beauty can overshadow hard work in the entertainment industry.

Sakshma Srivastav

“You know why I asked Jin this question? He is so breathtakingly beautiful, but fans, we also know that he’s magnificently talented,” she said. “You know, he’s a gold mine of talent. He sings and dances like a dream, and he works so hard for it, and he’s talked about it…”

“…but I feel like people who are new to the fandom, or people who are not in the fandom at all and know BTS just superficially always see him as the visual, and I don’t like it because I want people to know that he is so much more than that.”

“Except for the fans like us,” she said. “not many people, I feel like, know that.” 

For more commentary, find out who Sakshma’s bias is here or watch the full video below: