BTS’s Jin Theorize On What Would Have Happened If He Wasn’t “Worldwide Handsome”

But… not really though.

BTS‘s Jin is worldwide famous for his worldwide handsome visuals, and he theorized what would have happened if he didn’t look this stunningly good!

One relatively new ARMY left a message on Weverse claiming that Jin would have been mega-popular even if he didn’t have his worldwide handsome visuals.

It’s been 3 weeks since I became an ARMY, and I saw an endless amount of videos. I think even if Jin was super ugly, he still would’ve been very popular. His charms don’t depend on his visuals.


But Jin disagreed! He thought that if he was ugly, no one would laugh at his famous dad jokes!

If I told a dad joke, people would be like ‘wth’ and not laugh

— Jin

Jin is famous for never failing to lighten every mood with his legendary dad-jokes, but he thinks it only works because of his drop-dead-gorgeous good looks!

But ARMYS can agree that Jin would’ve been popular even without his visuals because he’s one talented, charming, and ridiculously lovable man!