BTS’s Jin Says There Is A Specific Reason His Dad Jokes Work… And It’s Undeniably True

No wonder it works for him every single time!

On February 15, 2020, BTS‘s Jin graced Weverse — chatting it up with ARMYs as usual.

When he came across a post by one fan, asking how he makes his dad jokes work every single time…

My friend laughs at all of your dad jokes, oppa. But she hates it when I tell her mine. What do you think about that?


… Jin playfully revealed a not-so-secret tip:

You have to be handsome to make it work. No exceptions!

— Jin

ARMYs can’t stop laughing at Jin’s frank-AF answer — and ultimately agreeing. Think about it: When it’s a face like this…

… telling a joke like this…

What happens when a 곰 (gom, bear) starts rolling?
문곰문곰문곰문곰문곰. Haha!

— Jin

yes, of course it’s hilarious!

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Source: THEQOO