Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Notice Unexpected Reference To BTS’s Jin And J-Hope In New BT21 Video

MANG is just like their dad!

ARMYs are noticing a sweet reference to BTS‘s Jin and J-Hope in a new BT21 video.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right)

BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ BT21 released Episode 14 of BT21 INSIDE MANG. J-Hope-created character MANG is featured cleaning and dancing.

ARMYs noticed the similarities between MANG to J-Hope. Not only is J-Hope a dancer, but he is known to be one of the cleanliest members of BTS.

That’s not all ARMYs noticed, though. They spotted MANG cleaning the toilet with a gold toilet brush!

Last year, Jin gifted J-Hope the humorous but expensive gift—the toilet brush cost at least a couple hundred dollars from Alessi.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

A 🎁 that shines like his face

No worries about cleaning the toilet..

— J-Hope

While BT21’s video was a cute yet fun nod to the BTS members, ARMYs couldn’t help but get emotional.

Currently, J-Hope and Jin are fulfilling their mandatory military enlistment. Read more below.

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