BTS’s Jin Shows His True Influence And Popularity After ARMYs See The Level Of His Security In Argentina

“Jin is being treated like royalty…”

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has seen their global popularity rise in ways nobody would’ve ever expected. Through their talent and hard work, the members have traveled the world and showcased their popularity at some significant events.

Recently, Jin showcased his influence during his time in Argentina.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

BTS’s Jin recently made his way to Argentina after it was announced that the idol would be performing his solo debut track “The Astronaut” at Coldplay‘s concert.

BTS’s Jin on the plane | Weverse

On October 26 (local time), ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when it was revealed that Jin had attended Coldplay’s concert in Argentina. In the clips, the BTS member seemed to be having the best time cheering on the group, and he also got a shoutout from Chris Martin.

After the clips were shared, it was obvious that many knew about Jin’s location. Luckily, the Argentinian government seemed to be prepared as one revealed that as the idol was leaving the concert, he was accompanied by a police escort to ensure his safety.

When the clip was shared, it was viewed almost 100,000 times. ARMYs couldn’t believe the influence of Jin, which meant that he was constantly surrounded by police to ensure his safety.

Yet, it isn’t just the concert that saw Jin have a huge amount of security. When news of Jin’s arrival in Argentina was announced, what seemed like thousands of ARMYs flocked to the airport to catch a glimpse of the BTS member.

| Nate Pann
| Nate Pann

The crowds were so huge that Jin even revealed that he took another entrance just to ensure the safety of ARMYs because it could’ve been dangerous.

I’ve arrived safely and well in Argentina.

I’m sorry to everyone who was at the airportㅠㅠ

Since there was so many people gathered, I was afraid you guys would get hurt

So I couldn’t exit through that way

I wanted to make sure to see you, I’m sorry.

— Jin

| Weverse

Yet, others noticed that during his first day in Argentina, the idol’s security was the top priority. After choosing to go through a private entrance to keep ARMYs safe, many noticed that roads had been blocked off to allow Jin to leave.

One ARMY even shared the significance of this, sharing that it is the protocol used for high political figures and those with considerable influence.

With Jin scheduled to have more schedules in Argentina, including his performance with Coldplay, which they’re currently rehearsing for…

BTS’s Jin and Coldplay | @coldplay/Twitter

Plenty of fans will have their chance to see the idol. It is also reassuring to know that Jin’s safety is being prioritized.

You can read more about Jin’s time in Argentina below.

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Source: Nate Pann

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