BTS’s Jin Can’t Stop Flirting With J-Hope… Just So He Can Have A Drink With Him

The neverending saga continues!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to some of the most iconic duos in BTS. All of the members have such an amazing friendship with each other, and it isn’t surprising that they are so close and have the cutest interactions.

Yet, one pair that always has ARMY LOL’ing is Jin and J-Hope, sometimes dubbed 2Seok.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter

In particular, there has been an ongoing saga between the two members. It’s all centered around having a drink with each other.

Dating all the way back to July 2021, Jin has been on a quest to go for drinks with J-Hope and has even taken to Weverse multiple times to try and get his member’s attention.

It all seemed to come to a thrilling end a few months later when Jin revealed that J-Hope had finally gone for a drink with him.

During a ZOOM call with some lucky ARMY, Jin revealed that he had actually watched a fancam of Suga. Although that was sweet enough, he was actually drinking with J-Hope when this happened.

Yet, later on in the event, Jimin actually exposed Jin on the topic of going for drinks. An ARMY asked Jin if he had been for drinks with J-Hope. Although he replied that they’d only drunk a few times together, Jimin couldn’t disagree more. He explained that although Jin says this a lot, the two members actually go for drinks quite a lot!

However, it seems like Jin might not be satisfied with the few times he’s been able to have drinks with J-Hope.

On May 12, J-Hope treated fans to some cool AF pictures on Instagram where the idol was out and about in some very flashy clothes in bright neon tones.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram
| @uarmyhope/Instagram

One ARMY loved it as well and went on Weverse with the pictures, adding the caption, “Hobi, Hobi. Are you a green grape candy?” because of the colors of his outfit. Well, although J-Hope might not have replied, Jin did instead and certified himself as a true J-Hope fan as he commented, “Cutie Jwehope” in a cute tone.

| Weverse

Someone on Weverse then asked Jin, “Jjwan, so did you have that drink?” It seems like Jin was on the hunt to answer questions about his member…

| Weverse

Unfortunately, it seems like Jin hasn’t been so lucky recently when it comes to going for drinks with J-Hope. In his reply, the group’s oldest member explained, “Jwehope is avoiding [having a drink] me by saying he’s busy.”

| Weverse

When the posts were shared online, netizens couldn’t get over Jin’s reply and the fact that he always seems to want to have drinks with J-Hope.

Hopefully, with the comeback soon, J-Hope will answer Jin’s requests for a drink before the group gets too busy with their schedules. Otherwise, hopefully, one of the members might answer Jin’s call.

You can read more about the epic saga of Jin, J-Hope, and drinks below.

BTS’s Jin Reveals That J-Hope Finally Went For A Drink With Him, And Here’s What Happened

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