BTS’s Jin Sends Sweet Message For His Father’s Birthday, And J-Hope’s Comment Proves They Are All One Big Family

Happy birthday, Mr. Kim!

BTS prove to be one big family with Jin‘s latest Instagram update.

BTS’s Jin (left) and J-Hope (right).

All of the BTS members are so close, like family. Yet, they’re also close with their biological families.

Jin, especially time and time again, has proved himself to be a family man. He sends gifts to his brother and sister-in-law and even helped name their baby.

Jin’s sister-in-law and brother, Au Reum (left) and Seok Jung (right) | @kimbutter_daddy/Instagram

Likewise, Jin has a loving relationship with both his mother and father.

So, Jin recently celebrated his dad’s 60th birthday, and another member joined in on the celebration.

Jin shared a photo in celebration of his father’s birthday on Instagram. The photo is of a flower bouquet with a card that reads, “Father! Happy 60th Birthday ♡ Your life begins now!!”

Happy 60, dad!

— Jin’s caption

Fellow BTS member J-Hope appeared in the comment section soon enough to also deliver a heartfelt birthday message for Jin’s dad. He wished him health.

Please take care of your health, Mr. Kim!!

— J-Hope

The BTS members are so close like family that they are quite close with their respective families. Junkook‘s mom famously told Jimin she loved him over the phone, and RM and Jin revealed that their dads became best friends. Read more below:

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