BTS’s Jin Needs Some Help Using Instagram, But Even J-Hope Doesn’t Know What To Do

Someone call V for help!

Since the BTS members created their own Instagram accounts, ARMYs have been treated to so much content that it has become tough to keep up, but nobody is complaining. Whether posting photos, interacting with each other or updating fans, there is never a dull moment in BTS land.

In particular, two people who are always there to treat fans are BTS’s J-Hope and Jin, aka 2seok!

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right)

Over the past few weeks, ARMYs have loved their interactions on Instagram, including J-Hope getting jealous over Jin’s strawberries…

BTS’s Jin | @jin/ Instagram

Before getting a visit from his hyung with some of that delicious fruit.

BTS J-Hope’s reply | @uarmyhope/ Instagram

On January 19 (KST), it seems as if ARMYs were once again treated to the neverending saga of 2seok on Instagram. Since creating his account, J-Hope has cemented himself as a fashion icon with an Instagram aesthetic that is just beautiful.

He recently posted some images of his outfits laid on the floor and with him wearing them.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/ Instagram

If J-Hope is the quickest person to interact with his members’ posts, Jin can’t be too far behind. At first, it seemed like a cute interaction where Jin showed just how much he loves the things his younger members do. In the comment, Jin explained, “Are you laying your clothes out like that before you wear it? That is cute keke.”

Yet, it seems like there was another reason Jin slipped into J-Hope’s Instagram, asking for advice. Considering this is the first time that most of the members have used Instagram, there have been some teething problems throughout, and it seems as if Jin stumbled upon another one

Underneath his comment, Jin had a very relatable question for everyone who’s struggled with the platform.

Jwe-Hope, there are suddenly a lot of posts from people I don’t know popping up. Why is it like this? It says they are suggested (posts), but I don’t want recommendations.

— Jin

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Of course, it isn’t something new to BTS as when they first created their accounts, V had a similar problem which accidentally led him to follow a member of BLACKPINK. In a post on Weverse, it seems as if it was the same feature that caused the unexpected activity on V’s account.

| Weverse

Well, it seems as if J-Hope has been having the same issues, but of course, being the amazing and loving member he is, he had to reply to both of Jin’s comments.

As much as Jin found J-Hope laying his clothes out cute, it seems as if it’s for a good reason. Of course, with a busy life, it can be tough to always pick out clothes when you wake up, so this must be J-Hope’s way to tackle that as he added, “It’s busy, busy, modern society.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

However, when it came to the real question Jin wanted to know, it seems as if J-Hope was just as confused by the recommendations on Instagram. Even though he said it cutely, there was no denying the confusion as J-Hope replied, “Hyung, I’m looking into that too. It’s driving me crazy.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Of course, as soon as ARMYs saw the comments, they all wanted to help the members, even sharing how to solve the issue on Twitter and demanding that Instagram do something.

Others loved that Jin was asking his younger members for help and joking that they needed V.

Hopefully, someone helps the members soon, and they can have more fun on Instagram without having to worry about the dastardly recommendation function on the platform.

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Source: @uarmyhope