BTS’s Jin And J-Hope Show Off Their Chaotic “Telepathy” During Wootteo Quiz…But The Struggle Is Real

This hilarious duo is iconic! 🤣

Recently, BTS’s Jin held a “Special Challenge for ARMY.” With every correct quiz answer about Wootteo, he earned a piece of “The Astronaut” merch that fans will be eligible to win through a series of fun events. During the episode, he invited J-Hope to help.

For the first question, J-Hope took a knowledgeable guess based on Wootteo’s adventurous Instagram that he’s extraverted.

However, Jin’s not-so-subtle “telepathy” informed J-Hope that his guess wasn’t quite right!

As J-Hope got closer to the right answer, the telepathic signals (also known as Jin’s eyes) would let him know he was doing well!

For the next question about Wootteo’s birthday, J-Hope immediately received the telepathy and even impressed Jin.

…but sometimes, it would take a while to get the answer completely right, like when he was guessing the exact date.

Staff had to buzz in when he needed help guessing Wootteo’s true job…

…but when he had a feeling that Wootteo’s blood type must be O because he’s round, there’s no other explanation for that besides that it’s BTS telepathy!

Watch the full video below.



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