BTS’s Jin And Jimin Had Hilariously Different Opinions About RM’s Look At The GRAMMYs Performance

And they were both totally right.

BTS‘s Jin and Jimin had hilariously different opinions about how RM looked in his performance outfit at the 2022 GRAMMYs.


The members dazzled with a performance at this year’s GRAMMYs that saw them transform into James Bond-esque spies that totally stole the show.

The performance was layered with plenty of moments that beg to be watched on repeat, especially because there were many things that were easy to miss. But of course, one of the things that also definitely stood out was the sleek black fit that the members all wore.

BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

And in a new look behind the scenes of BTS’s GRAMMYs performance, Jin and Jimin revealed exactly what they thought of RM’s look.

RM | Recording Academy / GRAMMYs/YouTube 

After performing, the members were monitoring the footage together and gave each other earnest praise on a job well done. As they watched their introductory shots, Jin and Jimin couldn’t help commenting their completely different opinions on how RM looked. Jin gushed over how cute he looked, while Jimin hilariously said, “He looks like a mafia boss.”


Fans couldn’t help pointing out how funny the difference in their opinions is, especially because they’re both right!

As the members continued the monitoring, Jin also pointed out that RM ended up taking over his part in the choreography, since he had been unable to dance at the time. RM teasingly responded that either way, they both have broad shoulders.

But what that goes to show is just how important RM is to the team, as Jin had also pointed out earlier in the episode.

All in all, while Jin and Jimin poked some light fun at RM, this episode has also shown how much they value him as a friend and leader!

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And watch the full clip on the following link!

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