BTS’s Jin Is An Incredible Cook, Even Chef Lee Yeon Bok Agrees

Jin was making a joke, but…

BTS‘s Jin is the latest of the BTS members to upload a solo vlog, taking fans with him as he learns how to cook from chef Lee Yeon Bok. ARMY are familiar with Jin’s excellent cooking skills, but in his vlog, Jin showed his willingness to grow as a cook, learning to make one of his favorite dishes, menbosha.

Although Jin often asked for guidance about the new techniques he was learning, he never hesitated to try the new skills and slowly became more confident in each of them. Although he did shock chef Lee Yeon Bok with his bravery.


Throughout the lesson, chef Lee Yeon Bok kept giving Jin well-deserved compliments.

Chef Lee Yeon Bok: You are skilled at it as you often cook.


And when they’re finally trying the finished menbosha, chef Lee Yeon Bok is full of compliments for Jin’s efforts.

Jin: How is it? Is it good?

Chef Lee Yeon Bok: It’s amazing.

Chef Lee Yeon Bok and Jin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

He doesn’t even flinch at Jin’s joke about his cooking being better than his restaurant’s menbosha.

Jin: Chef, I’m sorry to say this to you but I think it’s a bit better than your restaurants.

Chef Lee Yeon Bok: Yeah!


Jin even has to ask if it was the chef’s help that made the dish turn out so well, but chef Lee Yeon Bok doesn’t hesitate to respond that it was all Jin’s talent.

Jin: Am I talented or is it because I had you beside me?

Chef Lee Yeon Bok: You’re talented. I feel threatened for Mokran (his restaurant).


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