BTS’s Jin Tries A Brave Cooking Technique For An Iconic Reason

Chef Lee Yeon Bok was amazed!

BTS‘s Jin reunites with his friend, celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok, in his individual vlog.

BTS’s Jin (left) and Chef Lee Yeon Bok (right) | @fuxtom/Instagram

On an episode of Radio Star in 2020, Lee Yeon Bok shared how the two became acquaintedJin had called Lee Yeon Bok to make a reservation for the famed chef’s restaurant, and they quickly sparked a friendship from there.

Jin gifted me with wine once after returning from an overseas concert. We first contacted each other through trying to make reservations at my restaurant and later invited him over to my house. We sometimes go fishing together and go over to each other’s houses. When we do catch a fish while fishing, he always tells me it’s not polite to make me cook all the way out here.

⁠— Lee Yeon Bok

They’ve maintained their friendship over the years, and Lee Yeon Bok has regularly shown his support for BTS and Jin, posting heartfelt captions and cheering on the idol in Instagram posts with Jin.

During his recent hectic and busy schedules, he made time to come play, chat, eat delicious food, and spend an enjoyable time together. It’s good to see Seokjin’s usual healthy self ~ ♡

— Lee Yeon Bok

Because of their close friendship, Lee Yeon Bok happily agreed to give Jin personal cooking lessons, which Jin showed in his vlog.

For the private lesson, Jin learned how to make menbosha, a deep-fried toast with minced shrimp. Jin shared that although he cooks, he isn’t very comfortable making fried dishes.

Chef Lee Yeon Bok reassured Jin, reminding him he’ll be by his side to coach him but encouraging him to do most of the cooking on his own.

Jin diligently followed Lee Yeon Bok’s cooking instructions, eagerly wanting to try out the skilled techniques as soon as Lee Yeon Bok demonstrated them.

The BTS member had skills of his own, showing Lee Yeon Bok he already knew some tricks to the trade before their private lesson.

Lee Yeon Bok showcased his carefully crafted skills from his years in the culinary industry when demonstrating more advanced cooking techniques.

After they fried the first pieces of bread in hot oil, Lee Yeon Bok bravely dipped his finger into the oil to check if it was too hot for the second batch of bread. Jin was amazed at the bold move and couldn’t get over the fact that the chef had tested the heat with his finger.

Being an ambitious student, Jin wanted to try the advanced technique himself. He built up the courage, hilariously asking Lee Yeon Bok if he should actually attempt it.

After a brief pep talk, Jin bravely stuck his finger in the hot oil, to the amazement of the seasoned chef.

The chef couldn’t stop praising Jin, stating that he’s never seen a non-chef dip their finger in hot oil before.

As Lee Yeon Bok continued to marvel at Jin’s bravery, Jin revealed his iconic reason for his risky behavior. He simply stated, “BTS should be the first for everything.”

In the end, Jin made a delicious dish and heartwarmingly made sure to include BTS and ARMY in its final presentation.

Jin’s menbosha | @jin/Instagram

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