BTS’s Jin Travelled To 15 Different Convenience Stores Just To Collect This Rare Bread

He had to secure the bread.

South Korea was recently taken over by Pokémon bread fever. The bread got so popular that stores began to put up notices if they were out of stock. People began to resell the bread after jacking up the prices. All for the collectible stickers that came with the bread.

Pokémon bread. | Joongang Daily

Now, it seems like a new collaboration is taking over. Enter Maple Story bread. As the demand for it creeps up, even celebrities need to get their fix. BTS‘s Jin joined the craze and shocked fans when he announced that he went to 15 different convenience stores to secure the bread. Literally. He told fans about his adventure through Weverse.

Jin’s post to friends. | Weverse

I went to 15 different convenience stores. I didn’t buy up all the stock [at each place] for the sake of those that come after me. I won’t have to worry about starving for the next three days. Wonky, please appear.

— Jin

This is the particular sticker Jin is searching for. Wonky the Fairy is a popular Maple Story character. It seems that its sticker is a rare one as Jin failed to find it despite buying many packets of bread.

| theqoo

Jin posted a photograph of his current sticker collection. He’s amassed 7 different creatures!

| Weverse

Unfortunately, he had quite a few repeat finds.

WTB Maple Story Bread. I got three of some weird poisonous snail creatures that I’m seeing for the first time.

— Jin

Maybe he can start up a Marketplace trade with his fans on Weverse! We hope he finds the elusive Wonky the Fairy soon.