BTS’s Jin Receives An Impressive Role As A Military Trainee

“My respect for him is so high.”

Fans have noticed BTS Jin‘s impressive new role in his recent military pictures.

The first image of Jin in his uniform via the official “The Camp” app | The Camp

On January 6, the military officially uploaded more pictures of Jin undergoing training. These types of pictures are shared for all trainees, and as Jin enlisted as an ordinary citizen as he wished, the military is treating him equally and sharing his updates just like any other trainee.

| theqoo

In one picture showing Jin having undergone the infamous Hwasaengbang training, detective fans noticed Jin’s name tag.

| theqoo

Although the lighting and distance from the badge make it too difficult to make out the end of the name tag confidently, the beginning of Jin’s name tag dubs him “company commander” (중대장).

| @theJINPRlNT/Twitter

Upon spotting the name tag, fans felt proud of Jin as the company commander indicates he is the leader of his training group. It is possible that Jin applied for the position or was recommended for being a good example during training. His new role also means that the idol will have a higher chance of being awarded at the trainee’s graduation.

Fans aren’t surprised at Jin’s impressive new role since the idol has always been passionate and hard-working, but they are certainly proud of the skilled idol.

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