ARMYs Believed This Mystery Woman Is BTS Jin’s Mother — Here Is Her True Identity

He ended the rumors!

BTS‘s Jin recently responded to an ARMY’s cute mistake on Weverse and the hilarious debacle left many fans with unanswered questions!

The fan posted a viral photo of Jin and what was believed to be a photo of his young mother.

While the two seem to bear a strong resemblance to one another, Jin has confirmed that it’s nothing more than a coincedence…and he actually doesn’t even know the identity of the mystery woman!

She’s not my mom but.. I wonder who she is

— Jin

| Weverse

It turns out this ARMY wasn’t alone — Many viral tweets have been posted speculating that the woman in the photo is Jin’s mother. Ever since a rumor was created that she was a beauty pageant contestant crowned Miss Korea, fans have circulated photos of one Miss Korea winner in particular.

Crowned Miss Korea in 1977, her real name is Kim Sung Hee.

Born in 1959, her age range also made it believable to many fans that she was Jin’s mother!

While the two share some similarities, the rumor has finally been put to rest by Jin himself.

The only known photo of Jin’s mother is a photo from his childhood where the two can be seen together.

It all makes sense where Jin gets his stunning visuals from!

While Jin keeps much of his personal life private, at least ARMYs know the truth about his mom’s identity!