BTS’s Jin Trends Among Locals As “The Guy With The Pink Mic” On MTV Unplugged

Even non-fans can’t resist his charm.

BTS recently performed their latest singles and more for fans with MTV Unplugged.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Soon after, Jin became a hot topic among both fans and non-fans.

From his handsome visuals to his stunning vocal color, viewers couldn’t help but fall for him.

Variations of the phrase “guy with the pink mic” were trending on Twitter as well as “Seokjin” which trended in over 14 countries.

Hours later, the terms are still appearing in Twitter’s searches.

Jin’s soothing vocals aren’t just making ARMYs fall for him…

…but also the rest of the world!

| MTV/YouTube

It seems that the “guy with the pink mic” is an unstoppable force on both the stage…

…and on social media!

That’s our Worldwide Handsome!

| @MTV/YouTube

Watch Jin’s incredible performance during BTS’s cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” on MTV Unplugged.