BTS’s Jin Shares Why He Revealed The Group Considered Disbandment During His Unscripted “2018 MAMA Awards” Speech

“I’m sure it could have sounded negative because it’s not an easy thing to talk about, but…”

BTS shocked ARMYs when they announced in their acceptance speech for “Artist Of The Year” at the 2018 MAMA Awards that they had considered disbandment earlier that same year.

(From left:) BTS’s Jungkook, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Suga, and Jin during their “2018 MAMA Awards” | CJ ENM

Following one of the biggest years of their career, BTS continued their unprecedented upward momentum in 2018, and their history-making achievements that year were incredible.

Along with their global promotional schedules, the group released two albums, went on their Love Yourself world tour, and renewed their contracts with BIGHIT MUSIC for an additional seven years.

BTS performing at their sold-out Rose Bowl Stadium show during their “Love Yourself” world tour | BIGHIT MUSIC

So on the heels of so many amazing accomplishments, ARMYs were taken aback that the group considered disbandment earlier that year.

BTS’s Suga took the opportunity to ask Jin and J-Hope about what they said during their 2018 MAMAs speech when they were guests on his show Suchwita. Suga jokingly explained that Jin and J-Hope’s message during their speech “left the strongest impression.

J-Hope was overwhelmed with emotion during the group’s 2018 MAMAs speech. As he struggled to speak, the members rallied around him.

I’d like to thank our members, who are all with me in this moment.

— BTS’s J-Hope during his “2018 MAMAs” speech

Jin’s speech seemed to explain why J-Hope had been so emotional, as the group’s oldest member revealed that BTS had considered disbandment earlier that year.

It was really tough for all of us mentally earlier this year. We even talked about whether to disband or not and gave it a lot of thought… but we pulled ourselves together and I’m so glad that we were able to receive such an amazing award. I’d like to thank our members for pulling togther. I’m so grateful for our members and for ARMY for always showing us their love and support. Thank you.

— BTS’s Jin during his “2018 MAMAs” speech

After replaying the moment, Suga revealed the speech wasn’t scripted, so he wanted to know what made J-Hope and Jin say what they did and how they felt delivering their speech.

Jin revealed that the group only had one day off a month for three months while they were promoting their hit singles “Fake Love” and “Idol” in 2018.

He shared that BIGHIT MUSIC told the group that in order to “make it,” busy schedules were necessary.

Their grueling schedules at that time were too hard on them, and Jin revealed that it led the group to want to “let it all go.” The members gathered at a bar near their studio to talk over their feelings at the time.

Jin shared that he wanted to be honest about how they felt then but acknowledged that his confession during their speech “could’ve sounded negative because it’s not an easy thing to talk about.

He brought it up in his speech because it was “in the past already,” and everything “turned out okay in the end.

J-Hope added that the group felt like “underdogs,” even in 2018, and Suga agreed, saying even though times were tough, he felt the group needed that experience in order to grow, and it led them to even greater success.

Now, BTS is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and all of the success that came from the hardships.

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