BTS’s Jin Comes Clean To ARMYs And Tells The Truth About His “White Lie”

His honesty is hilarious! πŸ˜‚

Lately, BTS‘s Jin is letting ARMYs in on one of his favorite parts of the day: Going home from work!

Seokjinie’s leaving work!

— Jin

Jin | Weverse

He’s sharing his biking adventures each day, even including details of who he ran into

Noh Hong Chul (left) and Jin (right) | Weverse

…and other BTS members have even hopped on the trend!

However, his most recent post is not like the others.

How do you use moments…

Leaving work today, too

— Jin

| Weverse

While it started like usual with a photo of him in a colorful sweatsuit posing next to his bike…

| Weverse

…his comment under the photo proves you always have to read the fine print!

Honestly, I’m tired so I put my bike in the car and left work.

— Jin

ARMYs don’t mind. Jin works very hard so it’s understandable if he’s too tired to bike home!

Even if the picture was posed, it’s still an adorable treat for ARMYs!

Check out more of what’s happening on Weverse below!

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