BTS Jin Ranked #1 In The Most Ridiculous Beauty Contest Among Male K-Pop Idols

Also, Jin will be having some “bibimguksu” tonight.

In a recent survey held by DC Inside and MyCelebsBTS’ Jin was selected as “the most handsome star with bibimguksu on his head”!

Bibimguksu is a Korean spicy noodle dish that is often enjoyed in the summer time.


With a total of 235 votes (41.4%), Jin easily ranked No. 1 followed by Park Bo Gum (17.1%) and EXO‘s Sehun (11.6%).


After hearing about the results, fans have taken the extra step to prove that the survey results are true!


And according to these fan made pictures, the results seem to be 100% accurate!


What kind of man makes noodle hair look so deliciously sexy?


Fans had a blast wondering who in the world thinks of such ridiculous surveys in the first place.


After the results were revealed, Jin uploaded a post on BTS’ fan cafe asking what the survey was about and added that he’ll be having some bibimguksu for dinner.


In fact, bibimguksu was merely used as a way of denoting that the star is so handsome, he can basically wear or do anything and still look good – the basic definition of Jin’s good looks!

  • “Worldwide handsome indeed.”
  • “Of course Jin would win! He is Worldwide Handsome he would look good in anything! Talented visual king!”
  • “Even the question sounds like something Jin would make up ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Of course he’d win #1!”
  • “He’d look good even with poop on his head”
  • “Mr. Worldwide Handsome would still look good with jjigae (stew) on his head.”


If fans are lucky enough, he might actually post a picture of himself with bibimgukso on his head!

Source: Top Star News and Nate Pann