BTS’s Humble Reaction To Disabled Fans Participating In Their TikTok Challenge Will Warm Your Heart

Proud to be an ARMY!

During BTS‘s Premiere Party for “Permission to Dance,” the members watched as ARMYs of different ages, nationalities, and abilities participated in their recent TikTok challenge and discussed how it feels to impact such a wide variety of people worldwide.

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One of the videos they watched was from Hajung and Woo-Ryeong, two disabled YouTubers who are big fans of BTS.

Jin responded to the touching video, revealing that it gives him strength.

I don’t know if they also get more energy from us, but watching them gives us more energy.

— Jin

Despite any situations BTS or ARMYs may face, he reveals that simply having each other can often be healing.

In fact, their situation may be a little harder than others, but just being in this together gives us a lot of strength and we want to try harder and show them more.

— Jin

Getting strength from each other is one of the many reasons BTS has such a close relationship with their fans. Check out what else BTS had to say about ARMYs below!

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