BTS’s Jin Has To Reveal The Reason He “Doesn’t Like” Member RM On “Running Man,” But His Answer Might Surprise You

It actually showcases Jin’s friendship with RM!

The members of BTS are always extremely close, yet there is a special bond between those who are of similar ages. As two of the oldest members (along with Suga), BTS’s Jin and RM have always had the best bond that is definitely like brothers.

Recently, BTS’s Jin proved how close he is to RM after revealing what he “dislikes” about BTS’s leader.

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BTS’s Jin recently appeared on an episode of Running Man. As expected, it was truly chaotic from the very beginning as the idol interacted with the rest of the cast.

BTS’s Jin on “Running Man” | SBS


During the show, one of the games the cast had to play was an attack with words to a member of the opposing team. No matter what has been said, the cast member who is being attacked has to respond with “No,” and then refute the claim themselves.

Along with Song Ji Hyo “confessing” her love for Kim Jong Kook and shocking Jin and the rest of the cast…


BTS’s Jin was given an equally tough question when he was asked, Jin, you like BTS’s leader RM, right?” Of course, the question is easy in theory but considering that Jin has to answer “No” to everything, the reality was very different.

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Of course, as a true professional, Jin had the perfect response to ensure that he didn’t just continue the game for his team but also that he didn’t offend RM.

No, no, it’s not true. I might dislike RM? Why is he so smart? Oh, it’s so annoying.

— Jin

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Considering how witty and quick on his feet Jin’s answer was, it isn’t surprising that even the veteran variety stars were impressed.

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When the video was shared, netizens loved how much Jin struggled to find anything negative to say about RM that he actually ended up complimenting the idol!

Of course, it was only just a game, and Jin had to find a reason to dislike RM to continue the game.

Yet, there is no denying that RM is extremely smart. IQ tests vary, but most people are believed to have an IQ between 85 and 115, with 100 being the average. Very few have an IQ below 70 or above 130. RM’s IQ is 148. In other words, he’s a certified genius.

Throughout his time as an idol, RM has shocked fans and his members with just how smart he is. During one video, he multiplied the age of his account (17 years) by 365 days in his head faster than some of us can punch numbers into a calculator. He correctly estimated the answer as 6,000; the exact answer is 6,205!

| MapleStory/Youtube

Jin was so shocked that he jokingly asked RM if he is on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) track.

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Being smart is definitely a positive, but it might make others jealous, considering that RM is not only smart, but handsome, talented, and extremely charismatic. Of course, in reality, RM and Jin are extremely close, and the fact that he struggled to find anything negative proves their bond.

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Source: SBS Now