BTS Jin’s Rehearsal Photos With Coldplay Show The Return Of An Iconic Item

Fans immediately noticed the detail in the pictures.

BTS‘s Jin is gearing up to make his solo debut with his upcoming single “The Astronaut” in an epic way.

Jin is performing the song live for the first time at the British rock band Coldplay‘s concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the grand event overseas, Jin made sure to bring a few special items from home.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Jin received a personal invitation from Coldplay to debut his new song “The Astronaut” at the British band’s concert.

The song was co-written by the group’s lead vocalist, Chris Martin, and Jin; the two recently shared heartwarming text messages announcing the surprise collaboration.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter
| @bts_bighit/Twitter

As Jin released his teasers for “The Astronaut,” fans were introduced to a new plush character, the adorable Wootteo.

BTS’s Jin with Wootteo | @jin/Instagram

On the way to Incheon Airport for his flight to Argentina, Jin had his new friend Wootteo tucked under his arm and ready to accompany him during his travels.

Fans hilariously began asking where Jin’s beloved BT21 character RJ went, as ARMYs creatively imagined what RJ’s reaction was to being left behind.

Though ARMYs took the creative liberty to answer that question, Jin also satisfied fans’ curiosity by sharing why RJ was too busy to join him; apparently, RJ became “too famous” to accompany the global superstar.

After arriving in Argentina, Jin was seen living his best life at Coldplay’s concert, happily dancing along to the show in the crowd.

Today, Jin was seen rehearsing on-stage with Coldplay in anticipation of his solo debut on October 28. Photos from the rehearsals revealed another special item Jin brought with him to Argentina.

Coldplay with BTS’s Jin | @Coldplay/Twitter

A picture of Jin with Chris Martin revealed that the BTS member was reunited with his beloved pink microphone!

BTS’s Jin (left) and Coldplay’s Chris Martin (right) | @RollingStone/Twitter

For BTS’s recent Yet To Come concert in Busan earlier this month, Jin sadly revealed his mic was damaged, so he had to use his green mic during the Busan show instead.

| Weverse

Jin posted the photo of his damaged microphone along with a heartbreaking message to the iconic mic on Weverse.

You’ve worked hard, my pink microphone.

— Jin

Mic, even if you’re hurt, you still need to work. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to stay alive and work.

— Jin

Luckily, it looks like Jin was able to have the mic repaired just in time for his “The Astronaut” debut!

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