BTS’s Jin Spills On What RJ Has Really Been Up To While He Travels With Wootteo

He explains why he changed travel buddies.

While on his way to Argentina for his upcoming performance of “The Astronaut” with Coldplay, BTS‘s Jin was spotted with a brand new plushie friend.

BTS’s Jin | Newsen

Named Wootteo, ARMY instantly fell in love with the cute mascot for Jin’s new single…

…and even followed him on social media to see his latest updates in his own language!

0rr3; Wootteo-plane boarding complete ;0rr3

0rr3; As for me, I’m taking the Wootteo-plane ;0rr3

— Wootteo

However, many fans know that BT21 RJ used to be Jin’s travel companion and are curious about what he’s been up to lately.

Additionally, people speculated that RJ might become jealous of Wootteo’s time with Jin!

In a new post, Jin shared exactly what RJ has been doing while he travels with Wootteo.

RJ’s too busy because he’sΒ too famous

For this album, I’ll be with Wootteo

— Jin

RJ has seen the world many times with Jin and always had the best seat on every private jet.

Now, it’s time for him to fulfill his busy schedule while Jin makes an album with Wootteo!

As a global superstar, he’s off doing all kinds of important things…

…at least, we hope!


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