BTS’s Jin Flusters A “Run BTS!” Staff Member On Their First Day Of Work

Nobody can resist his face!

During the latest episode of Run BTS!, the BTS members let out their crazy and competitive sides!

One of the games they played was called the “Yes or No” game. Members tried their best to pick the minority answer in order to win points. A camera was placed inside the private booth where each member entered and quickly made their decision.

Jin, however, did things completely in his own style!

Instead of swiftly picking his own answer, he begged a staff member to help him cheat and know what the others chose!

What did the members do? Please show me once. Just once. Just once. Just once! Hurry. Really. Just once! There’s no time!

— Jin

Hilariously, the editors added in a fake tweet by the Run BTS! staff member who was in the position of being pressured by Jin!

If I went to my first day of work. The star asks me for the answer with their handsome face. What are you going to do? Tell me your MBTI and your response~ #RunBTS #mbti

Run BTS! Staff

It seems they didn’t budge because Jin eventually caved and gave his own answer.

However, ARMY figured that staff member must have been very disciplined if they didn’t give in to Jin’s wishes! Would you be able to resist this face on your first day of work?

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