BTS Risked It All To Sabotage V’s Victory During “Run BTS”

They totally made up these rules! 🤣

BTS unleashed their chaotic sides in the latest episode of “Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode – Next Top Genius” Part 2. While playing a board game, V was about to cross the finish line when something unexpected happened.

RM suddenly broke the rules by taking a peek at V’s dice roll!

In the game, fellow players cast a vote whether they believe the dice roller is lying or telling the truth about their roll. Since RM spoiled the answer, he insisted he wouldn’t cast a vote.

However, the members instantly jumped on the opportunity to prevent V from winning!

Suga: “RM cheated, RM cheated. Go back to the start.”

J-Hope: “RM cheated, go to the start. V, throw it again.”

V: “I was done!”

The other members quickly went along with new rule adjustment…

…and even came up with a new sabotaging strategy where Jimin would sacrifice himself to prevent V from winning!

Jimin, it’s worth looking if its a 3!

— Jin

In the end, Jimin and Jungkook accused V of lying in attempt to make him move backwards. However, V was telling the truth about his dice roll and swiftly finished the game!

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