BTS’s Jin Shared How His Members Really Treat Him As The Group’s Eldest

His answer accurately reflects how close BTS are in real life.

Recently, BTS‘s Jin made a guest appearance on Park Myung Soo‘s YouTube Hal Myung Soo. While the host-guest duo talked about their similarities, they realized that both of them played the role of the eldest member of a group. While Jin is the madhyung (oldest brother) of BTS, Park Myung Soo was the most senior among the cast members of the variety show, Infinite Challenge.

When Park asked Jin if the younger members treated him with respect, he jokingly replied, “No, they only swear at me! But at least they use honorifics.

The host again asked, “As the oldest, when you say ‘Hey, can you do it properly?’, do they listen?” Jin answered that he feels his members’ skills are better than his, so he can’t really boss them around like that. Park Myung Soo admitted that he also felt the same.

The fact that Jin could joke about his relationship with the members only indicates how comfortable and secure they are with each other, even when they are not physically together. His closeness with the rest of BTS got reflected repeatedly throughout the episode when he dished on how hard it is to get a selfie with Suga or how Jungkook taught him to imitate a country dog.

At the end of the day, every story of BTS proves they are indeed a close-knit family.