BTS’s Jin Shares His Alternative Career Plan, But Suga And J-Hope Are Having None Of It

As BTS once said, “If I never met you…”

As a gift for ARMYs during FESTABTS Suga‘s YouTube show Suchwita released a special episode on June 10, KST, featuring Jin as the guest.

BTS members Suga and Jin | @BTS/YouTube

But halfway through the episode, it was Suga and Jin’s turn to get a surprise as J-Hope unexpectedly dropped by and joined them at the table!

The three members showed their effortless chemistry while talking about their past, present, and future. Suga then mentioned that he often wonders what he would be doing in the present had he not been a part of BTS. Jin chimed in, saying, “I would’ve failed miserably, to be honest,” because he is “not very good at doing things involuntarily.”

Jin explained that he is the type who works very hard when he is given a task, but once it is just on him, he feels he’s not the type to take initiatives. The younger members protested his words, pointing out how Jin went to Argentina to perform with Coldplay on his own and even developed a new hobby of making traditional Korean alcohol involuntarily.

Jin explained that since he isn’t very outgoing, without BTS, he probably would’ve spent his days gaming at home. But Suga disagreed firmly, saying even if he didn’t debut under BIGHIT Music, he would have been scouted by some other agency because he is too qualified and too handsome to have sat home doing nothing.

When it was J-Hope’s turn to answer, Jin said since he is very resourceful, he would have done well no matter where he landed. J-Hope, however, replied that if not a member of BTS, he probably would have been a dancer, working under “guys who love to dance so much.”

J-Hope added that dancing is the only thing he knows how to do well, which resonated with Suga. He said that without BTS, he probably would be working as a songwriter because that’s what he has been the most passionate about all along.

Judging by the passion and dedication each of the BTS members has shown in their decade-long career, it would be safe to say that all of them could have been exceptional people no matter what they would have done with their lives. However, as Suga once said, what a relief BTS are together!