ARMYs Are Losing It Over Sleeveless Photos Of BTS’s Jin From “The Astronaut” Album

None of us were expecting to see Jin dressed in this fit!

ARMYs are losing it over photos of BTS‘s Jin in his solo single album “The Astronaut.”

BTS’s Jin | BIGHIT MUSIC via Naver

Today, on October 28, Jin dropped “The Astronaut,” co-written by British band Coldplay, along with its MV.

While many ARMYs pre-order the physical single album containing many inclusions, most won’t receive theirs until early December.

Yet, some lucky ARMYs have already gotten their hands on the album. So, they are revealing some of the never-before-seen concept photos.


Previously, Jin released a couple of photos from each concept, teasing ARMYs with his duality as he went from fluffy and adorable with freckles to a more edgy and sexy look.


Still, nothing had prepared us for the rest of the concept photos!

ARMYs have shared some of their photocard pulls, and you’re definitely going to want to buy more than one album. Each one is gold.

It’s a certain selection of concept photos from the Lunar Eclipse version that has ARMYs talking, though. There are several pages of Jin with his hair perfectly styled to reveal his forehead, and he has star stickers on his face.

| BIGHIT MUSIC via @Flor_JIN1204/Twitter

The styling, including Jin in a rare sleeveless top showcasing his broad shoulders, has us all in awe.

BIGHIT MUSIC via @Flor_JIN1204/Twitter
BIGHIT MUSIC via @Flor_JIN1204/Twitter
BIGHIT MUSIC via @Flor_JIN1204/Twitter

One of the photos is even featured as a postcard.

BIGHIT MUSIC via @Flor_JIN1204/Twitter

So, it’s safe to say ARMYs are freaking out…

Someone give the stylist a raise.

Jin-biased ARMYs, can we survive this day?

We weren’t quite prepared… Or maybe we were?

Considering Jin usually prefers more conservative clothing, we can’t help but admire this fit. Honestly, this concept has us like a Victorian who just saw a bare ankle…

Check out some of Jin’s sexiest outfits of all time below.

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