Here’s How BTS’s Jin Is Spending His Days Currently, According To The Star Himself

World wide busy guy!

When BTS announced that they are taking a break from making new music as a group for a while in June, Jin said he was taking things easy and spending his days mostly gaming. But in the recent behind-the-scenes video on BAGNTANTV,he gave fans an update on how his daily schedule has changed from that.



Jin attended two movie premiers last month, one for the movie Emergency Declaration and the other for Hunt. While walking into the premier venue nervously, Jin told the camera that he has been leading a pretty busy life these days, playing tennis thrice a week and practicing the piano daily. He then joked that he only plays piano for ten minutes a day and can’t seem to get better at it.

In the past, Jin showed his knack for the game while filming a RUN BTS episode, where he ended up beating all his members to win the gold medal. Recently he also posted a short video of him playing tennis, covered in Louis Vitton drip from top to bottom.

Despite him joking about his piano skills, fans have already seen him play quite impressively during the Love Yourself World Tour, where Jin performed his solo “Epiphany” on the piano.

Besides these activities, Jin also mentioned that he is working on solo music while preparing for the group’s upcoming concert in Busan! During the Festa Dinner, Jin had mentioned that his solo songs might be the last to be released among all the members, but now it looks like that day isn’t too far away. Going by his range that swings from a mellifluous ballad like “Yours” to a chaotic viral hit like “Super Tuna,” it would be interesting, to say the least, to see what he has planned ahead.

You can watch the full BAGNTAN BOMB episode here: