Where Did BTS’s Jin Film His Adorable “Super Tuna” Performance Video? Here’s What We Know

The answer is actually in the video! 🔍 👀

On December 4, in celebration of his birthday, BTS‘s Jin dropped an adorably hilarious song, “Super Tuna.” And on the official BANGTANTV YouTube channel, Jin shared a “Special Performance Video,” featuring him dancing to his fishing anthem at the beach!

In an accompanying live broadcast, Jin also revealed that he filmed the performance video while he was in the United States for the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Los Angeles, California. He confirmed that he filmed the video “at the beach” on the morning of November 29, before he headed over to the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park—which got ARMYs wondering, “Which beach?”

I didn’t have a lot of time. But after the first two nights of concerts, I got to go to the amusement park. That day, I actually got up early in the morning, around 8ish. I got some makeup done and headed over to the beach. And at the beach, in front of the water, I filmed the performance video.

— Jin

Well, the answer to that question is actually in the video! At the end of the video, the camera captures the number “5” on the side of the iconic mint-colored lifeguard tower behind Jin. With a little bit of knowledge about the Los Angeles beaches, this number becomes a huge clue in figuring out on which blessed waterfront the video had been filmed.

A screenshot of the “Super Tuna” video. | @BANGTANTV/YouTube

Los Angeles, as a county, services 184 lifeguard towers scattered along the “72 miles of coastline, including 31 miles of sandy beaches and Catalina Island,” according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. Among the 184 towers, 61 are numbered and lined up in order—from Santa Monica (up north) to Dockweiler (down south) beaches. These towers are searchable by their numbers, not only on the Los Angeles GeoHub website but also on Google Maps.

Los Angeles GeoHub showing Lifeguard Towers on the West Coast. | LACity.org

Towers that start with the number 5, so Towers 50-59, guard the shores of Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Rey, California. Located right beneath the takeoff path from Los Angeles International Airport, Dockweiler Beach is well known to be family-friendly with its fire pits and picnic tables.

Google Maps showing “Lifeguard Tower 58” at Dockweiler Beach, Playa Del Rey. | Google.com

So while a speculation only, Dockweiler Beach is likely where the “Super Tuna” video has been filmed—even more so considering its 15-minute proximity to the SoFi Stadium. Check out the uncanny resemblance between the lifeguard tower in the video and this Lifeguard Tower 58!

Lifeguard Tower 58 on the South Beach side of Dockweiler Beach. | californiabeaches.com

Will this beautiful west coast beach become the next must-visit spot for ARMYs in Los Angeles? Possibly, especially if confirmed. Stay tuned!

Watch the special performance video here.