Korean Military App Releases New Images Of BTS’s Jin Training During His Military Enlistment

The app posts official updates of those enlisted!

In December 2022, BTS‘s Jin became the first member of the group to enlist in the military for his mandatory service.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Although it was extremely tough news for fans, Jin made sure to take ARMYs with him on the journey. In particular, he made sure that the fans were the first to see his newly shaven haircut after he shared a photo on Weverse.

BTS Jin revealed his new hair to ARMYs | Weverse

BTS also made sure to document the occasion and quickly shared images of themselves with Jin before he officially enlisted.

The members with Jin before his enlistment | @bts_twt/Twitter
| @bts_twt/Twitter

Even after Jin enlisted, ARMYs have been kept well updated with official updates from his military camp. In particular, there have been photos of Jin working alongside his fellow recruits…

And also an official group picture of Jin with his fellow soldiers.

One of the ways that ARMYs have been updated on Jin’s current activities is through “The Camp,” which is an official military application.

The app provides official photos uploaded by the military, information about their daily meals, and a place where letters can be sent virtually. Here, pictures of military trainees are often uploaded, and Jin’s photo was among the updates.

Along with the initial pictures of Jin in his uniform…

The first image of Jin in his uniform via the official “The Camp” app | The Camp

The app recently released images of the BTS member during his initial training in the camp. In the first image, there is a group photo of all the enlistees, and there is no doubt that Jin’s visuals truly shine, even when in uniform.

| The Camp

The second photo is said to be of Jin during his training because of his enlistment number. In the shot, Jin seems to be practicing firearms training.

| The Camp

Although Jin’s enlistment seems endless, official updates will keep fans in the loop just like any other person who has enlisted. The app was created to reassure the loved ones of those enlisted, and it’s the same for ARMYs.

You can see more official updates of BTS’s Jin during his military enlistment below.

Korean Military App Releases A First Look At BTS’s Jin In Uniform As A Military Trainee

Source: theqoo


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