BTS Jin’s Unique Fashion Philosophy Reflects Both His Relatable Personality And Peak Self-Confidence

Simple, relatable, iconic.

In a recent interview with GQ, BTS‘s Jin revealed how he perceives fashion in his personal life, and his explanation is more chaotic than one would expect.

During the interview, Jin showed 10 of the essential items he uses daily, and one of them was a pair of trousers from Thom Browne.

While explaining why he prefers that piece of clothing, Jin explained that he loves the brand for a simple reason.

My fashion philosophy is that if you spent money on clothes, make sure it has a big brand logo on it. Because then it’s clear that you spent money.

—Jin, GQ

He added that the one thing that inspires his fashion sense is the feeling of comfort. Jin doesn’t put too much thought into what he wears, and the reason, he elaborates, is because “The most important feature of fashion, my handsome face, is complete.”

So, clothes are just add-ons for him, and he usually puts on whatever he sees first while getting ready. The particular Thom Browne trousers he had brought along are the ones in front of his eyes the most, so he has worn them to the point of ripping a hole into them!

Nobody else can pull off being this unfiltered, relatable, and yet so out of the ordinary league on camera as Jin can! That’s the signature World-Wide-Handsome confidence at its peak!

You can watch the full interview here:


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