BTS Jin’s Visuals In Glasses Was So Powerful It Trended At #1 On Twitter

Just an ordinary day for Mr. Worldwide Handsome!

BTS‘s Jin made a grand appearance at KBS’s Gayo Daechukje. He lined up at the red carpet with his members for a photo op and made the world turn with just his visuals!


Jin chose to wear a simple black suit that matched his members, but he put on retro square glasses to take his outfit to the next level!


And just by wearing a pair of simple glasses, everyone in Korea began searching “Kim Seokjin Glasses” on Twitter! It soon became the most searched keywords!


But it comes as no surprise as Jin’s visuals were absolutely stunning that night!


Every which way he turned, cameras were flashing to get a glimpse of his worldwide handsome visuals and its trendy glasses!


What else would you expect from Mr. Worldwide Handsome? Just doing his job to close out the year in visual explosions!


What new trends will Jin set next in the upcoming year?!

Source: The Qoo


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