Even Weverse’s Auto-Translator Can’t Handle Jin’s Handsomeness

It wasn’t prepared for what Jin had in store.

If BTS‘s Jin makes you malfunction, don’t worry. You’re not the only one in need of repairs!

From day one, Jin’s lethal charms and dangerous visuals have been attacking fans in the best ways. The man’s very existence is criminal…

…and ARMYs are repeat offenders.

(Guilty as charged. Please arrest me, officer.)

On Weverse, a fan recently succumbed to “death by sexiness” from seeing Jin shirtless. Jin replied to the fan and said that his visuals are “average”. ARMY emphatically disagreed…

Liar Jin, your bare face is so handsome!!!!!!!!!

— Fan

…and so did Weverse. Jin’s handsomeness seemed to overpower the app’s auto-translation service!

I look handsome because of makeup” magically became “I’m cremation and look handsome,” confusing and amusing international fans.

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